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Mixed Martial Arts


Our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program is for person that wants to become a complete fighter. An MMA student doesn't have expertise in just one specific art, they have a robust set of techniques they can use under almost any condition. In the cage, on the mats, or in self-defense.


In our MMA classes, we teach every aspect of the fight game including striking, wrestling, fence wrestling, ground and pound, submission grappling, and most importantly, the transitions between them.


At Blast MMA, we feel sparring is an essential part of our MMA program, so students have the opportunity for technical sparring in every class. Technical sparring is training with a learning mindset. Technical sparring should be like a laboratory with experimentation and analysis of what worked and didn't work.


Additionally, we offer specific higher-intensity sparring classes for MMA students who already have a grasp of the fundamentals and are ready for a more intense training regimen. These classes feature the latest developments in technique, setups, and systems, focused drilling, and sparring. Our program will prepare you for MMA competition at the amateur or professional level.

MMA fighter Bryan "bulletproof" Lane doing some ground n' pound in the cage
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